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Reports from beyond is made up of 52 reports. Extracts from 20 of these can be viewed on this website by clicking on the links below or by clicking on the continents on the map above. To find out how to see the rest of them, please click on HOW TO BUY tab.

Introduction: Glimpses into the formative Years

Chapter One: Latin America

Argentina: Borges
Ecuador: The Valley of Volcanoes
Colombia: The Llanos Oriental and Bogotá
Peru: The Amazon River
    Los Aquáticos

Chapter Two: Africa

Zaïre (Democratic Republic of Congo): The Congo River
    The Dogon Country
    The Niger River and Timbuktu

    Lake Tana
    The Simiens
    Aksum: The Ark of the Covenant
    Harar: Rimbaud

Chapter Three: Europe

The Faroes
Scotland: Barra
France: The Pyrenees

Chapter Four: Asia

Yemen: The Empty Quarter
Russia: The Trans-Siberian Express
Burma (Myanmar): The Irrawaddy River

Nepal: Mount Everest


Chapter Four: Asia (cont.)

India: Kashmir and Ladakh
Japan: Nagano-Ken
    Lijiang and Dr Ho
    Emei Shan
    The Yangtze River
    The Silk Road: Yining
    The Silk Road: The Taklimakan Desert

Pakistan: The Karakoram Highway
    The Eagle-hunters of Bayan-Ölgii
    The Throat-singer of Chandmani

    Mount Kailash
    The Kingdom of Guge

India: Rishikesh

Chapter Five: The Pacific

French Polynesia: Huahine
The Cook Islands

    The Yasawas

Tonga: The Mutiny on the Bounty
Vanuatu: Tanna and the Jon Frum Cargo Cult
Papua New Guinea: The Trobriand Islands and Malinowski
The Solomon Islands
    Marovo Lagoon and Head-hunting
    Malaita and Shark-worshipping

Easter Island


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